9/11 Impact Anatomy | National Geographic

9/11 Impact Anatomy | National Geographic

Conspiracy theorists say jet fuel fires couldn’t have brought down the towers — but a simulation of the impact proves otherwise.
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9/11: Science and Conspiracy : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/9-11-science-and-conspiracy-4067/Overview

9/11 Impact Anatomy | National Geographic

National Geographic


  1. First time in US Aviation History dudes with Turbans and box cutters were allowed to fly business class

  2. I just randomly watched a reel and come here to understand what exactly Twin tower tragedy is… and believe me I got goosebumps when i Watched the videos on YouTube… That’s kinda horrible and unimaginable. It’s so painful 💔

  3. On a very popular aircraft channel here on YT various events are posted in great detail and the channel has grown to several 100 thousands
    A recent post aired a plane wing smashing into a lighting pole while taxing out of the apron.
    Even at very low speeds this wing was finished, the pole was fine.

  4. 0:53 not clearly seen but visible on these graphics you can see the 2000T Hat Truss above the all steel 50,000T core. The steel sections used in this HT were Bridge like in scale spanning 61M x 61M
    This 100% all welded structure vanished on 9’11 as did the 110M Telco tower
    It is impossible for falling steel to vanish, steel is a very solid structure, 10x stronger than concrete
    NIST never explained where this massive structure vanished to?
    ps 2000 tons of steel could build a 150M long Cruise ship, thats an 8 deck ship that can easily accommodate 650 passengers and 200 crew on month long voyages
    Now imagine something that size vanishing before your eyes?

  5. A venerable group like National Geographic making a documentary about a Purdue University study that involved coke cans and that the narrator feels the need to repeatedly call "science-based"? I’m no 9/11 conspiracy theorist, but let’s just say that, in a post-pandemic world, this does nothing for their credibility

  6. I’ll never forget watching CNN and seeing a plane fly directly into the 2nd tower. I started watching soon after the 1st tower had been hit, which was thought to be a terrible accident, and then another plane appears on screen and flies into the 2nd tower. I was gobsmacked and just couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. I spent the next 24 hrs glued to my tv and seeing the towers fall was just as horrific.

  7. No one wants to admit that building’s substandard cut corners with stairwells and elevator shafts with sheetrock built in 1970 should have used cinder blocks floor supports too weak all this saved on weight stress to supports that’s how they built so high

  8. I can’t imagine what people felt and see in those moments when the plain crashes, and the people inside the building seeing a plain coming towards them.

  9. When I was 7 years old in 1947 I inhaled some primer paint and had a vision of myself as god. Since then U been able too figure things better then everyone since then. People say I have 9% brain issfixia but I disagree there just jealous that I have these visions and I see things.

  10. Since 9’11 China swapped out expensive steel making with AvGas. Their steel quality is exactly the same, average. But their profits have soared. AvGas Steel, cheap as fries, taste good too.

  11. Looking for the splodge who wanted $2M for the 9’11 Airplane fire axes.
    As these are Law on ALL Commercial aircraft I found it weird and strange that they were not found at any location? An open field would have been an easy find, grass and Stainless steel??

  12. Funny how it’s such a big cover up that they had to make a video showing how the building collapsed to try convince us all 😂

  13. Once again the $2M offer for the 4 aircraft fire axes has expired.
    I’ll see if I can find another sponsor.

  14. People were naive to think that terrorists wouldn’t try to destroy buildings Airport security was a joke

  15. Did you know over 500 million tons of steel went into building construction in 2022 even though the world now knows steel is a useless construction material? Those that fail to remember history will sadly repeat it.

  16. Had bush listened to Commonder Massoud 9 /11 wouldn’t of happened Commonder Massoud was Assissanted 2 days before
    9 /11 on September 9th 2001 never forgotten 🤍🕯️🙏

    Rest In Peace to all the victims of 9 /11 and to Ahmed Shah Massoud

  17. The worst lie in modern history, millions of lives lost from Iraqis, Afghans and Americans because of this inside job! …
    Remember, the only people who benefited from this were the US arms manufacturers, and they are the actual terrorists.

  18. its been 22 years since 3x towers over 48 floors decided to engage a fozbury flop to earth
    No other building has since performed this trick or repeated since steel was invented – weird

  19. Those with keen eye sight will notice red hot Lattice tips at 0:13. As it takes temps north of 1000*C to get steel this size to 1000*C it would either require a gas axe or industrial furnace to do this
    Jet fuel cannot heat steel to 1000*C. Never in the History of steel making has jet fuel ever been used.

  20. I’m from Ireland and my mother and father went on their honeymoon to New York. They were on the top of the towers 3 days before they were attacked. It’s crazy to think that if they had chosen go on their honeymoon 3 days later that they may have been killed.

  21. Am i the one who dosen’t care about people getting injured and dying im just hare watching without emotions of the people in the video?

  22. I don’t even know if you can feel anything when you see a giant plane coming at you at insane speeds

  23. Its amazing how the USA government sacrificed 3000 of his own citizens just to have a reason to start a war. The men who were behind this are truly evil.

  24. Day by day its looking more like the beginning of the end for America was 9/11, just been a straight nosedive ever since

  25. But I have gotten busted by the constable snapping pics at the local playground. There so cute yabba4074 filth!

  26. yeah,Only takes so much for the building construction to heat up,Till the iron starts to turn to a ligrid,It take so much before the tower’s collapsed,Think all that construction what holding up all them concreate floors,Imagine how much weight been on one concrete floor,Is enough to slam to the next concrete floor,Slam,Slam,Slam,Slam,each floor is slamming in to each one,Also what caused the twin towers to collapse,I hate to think all them people got crushed,awful,It never be forgotten 😥😭

  27. I can’t imagine being inside and being hit directly by that plane. You’d have to have died on impact. It was probably painless, but to not even know, for your life just to end in a split second, is terrifying.

  28. I have NEVER EVER inhaled primer paint in my whole 80 years of life. Who is this yabba4074 filth?

  29. How come building #7 wasn’t struck by planes but yet looked exactly the same as the other buildings when they tumbled?

  30. Since 1885 only 4 Steel Core constructed buildings have ever failed, all 4 under dubious events and never investigated due to policies. As it stands, 99.9999% of all these structures remain intact even after suffering 48 hour multi floor fires. They are all fire rated by Law even in Won Tonn Long.

  31. description incorrect; the simulation only shows the initial impact, it doesn’t prove anything at all

  32. Why did National Geographic sink to this sensational style? Music to provoke emotion, narration that acts as if every syllable were cause for excitement. National Geographic television productions used to be something for America to be proud of.

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