1. По картинкам вроде нормальные люди а на деле такие м…

  2. Great video bit I certainly wouldn’t consider the film "Forbidden Planet" to be either "cheesy" or a "B-movie".

  3. I am not an Impressionist but when in Tombstone a Despicable Desporado wearing a mean sidearm pistol yelled out "DRAW!" I immediately drew a Breath.

  4. This was very interesting having grown up in the 50’s & am a retired Disney animation artist. One illustrator who was quite well known during the 50’s was Jon Whitcomb, known for a series of celebrity cover portraits for Cosmopolitan magazine among other work.

  5. Remember a 1950s and 60s boy scouts’ magazine entitled "BOYS LIFE"? I believe most of those covers were paintings. Just a suggestion, maybe the covers of BOYS LIFE Magazine might be a viable essay for your wonderful podcast. Merry holidays to you dear Sir. Gregg Oreo long Beach Ca Etats Unis

  6. In the Navy and the entire military about 1976 we all were required to learn the metric system and were given booklets. We had to pass a test on it or l ok se our liberty privleges. I still have the booklet and did learn the system, but it was mainly treated as a joke. The Mars Climate Orbiter, built at a cost of $125 million, launced in Dec 1998 failed to hook up with the Australian component 10 months later because they had used the metric system. And these were rocket scientists! 😂

  7. I love this and note because I was born in the 50s, but because this quality nowadays is very hard to find.

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don’t think anyone has done so much for presenting illustration in such wonderful depth as you.
    I think you have created a college course!
    What a wonderful video. 😊
    ❤ SayessDesign

  9. This is why I’m an artist! I always liked these old vintage American artstyle. so for me Loomis and Bridgeman books and art works are sth you can find in my house.

  10. He Americans created a country of gluttons and scoundrels because it was founded by slaveholders.

  11. I’ve been a lover of illustration for decades. Your videos are one of the best treats I give myself when I’ve worked hard. Great choices, and great music. Wish I could say something deeper or more helpful, but you’ll have to settle for being one of my favorite YT channels. Keep up the good work.

  12. Any chance of featuring Janet and Anne Graham Johnson? I love their stuff but know nothing about them

  13. Hi Peter. Avian Earl? I looked up toot, whistle, plunk and Boom on Wiki…no mention of him?

  14. I don’t know art, but I know what I like. Most of that abstract, scribbled, background-less, disproportionate nonsense is far from what I call art. It’s child’s drawings with crayons and no sense of reality. That people paid money for stuff like that and collected it is mind boggling to me. But, to each their own, I guess.

  15. Love the History. It’s just hard to hear you with your soft voice behind some of that background music, which seemed to overwhelm your voice around 14:45 on your video.

  16. A lot of thanks for very interesting video! And I have to say, that there were a lot of genius artists who worked in book illustration and animation (cartooning) in The Soviet Union at the end of the 1950s and at the 1960s.Chizhikov, Semenov, Vladimirsky and many others. But, where they now?

  17. Where are the Black people??? Not important enough or good enough to be included in the American Illustration of the 1950s, apparently.

  18. I really enjoy Al Parker’s work. For me, he had the ability to create moving scenes with an important focus on design. I hope someday his work can have more resonance. Thank you for sharing your insight on these wonderful illustrators, your channel is quite impressive and a breathe of fresh air!

  19. Sad…they wore modest dresses at that time but today, the clothes are worst and are not modest dresses. 🤮 The white artists painted white men and white women but today, jews and liberals paint the ugly black boys with our beautiful women. The white people are not alone. I have seen the ugly paintings in South America, Japan, Europe. The same jews and liberals paint the ugly black boys with the non-black girls. Why did they do? I found it out. The jews and liberals want to destroy the pure breeds. 😳, Yep, they are racists.

  20. The sound mixing is not quite up to your usual standard. Unsurprising I suppose, since the video is over five years old. Still, excellent video, Pete.

  21. Very rarely do I find any new channels on Youtube that I’m truly excited by. I think I just stumbled across one, here! Excellent!

  22. The most popular Coca Cola in the world.
    I love the 50s Beautifully illustrations 😍
    WHOO! Caucasians 🥰

  23. Белая Америка в Зените своего развития ,дальше демократический декаданс и разложение.

  24. Superb film- summed up in your last sentence…
    These illustrators gave us the bedrock of what we see now.
    They set the bar and opened up the common psyche in how to SEE.
    I had books full of their work in the 1960s. More liberating than an art school!

  25. Nothing will come of nothing!He Americans created a country of gluttons and scoundrels because it was founded by slaveholders.

  26. Beautifully presented and your choice of artwork was perfect. Thanks for taking the time and care to create such a nice mini-documentary about (my favorite) illustrators!

  27. Brilliant selection. Thank you very much as always for another tour of eye catching fun and skill.

  28. I was born in 1953, so these artists illustrated the world I grew up in. I can recall seeing some of these ads, and magazine covers, and childrens’ books, and Wood and Frazetta became heroes to me in the 1960s. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ blew my little mind when it came out, and I can see now how the animation art in the Rocky and Bullwinkle show was influenced by these illustrators. Frankly, I was turned off by a lot of the art of this period when I was a boy, (all of those jazz albums!), and still am today. But there’s a place for everything. Thanks, Pete!

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