American Museum of Visionary Art – Baltimore, MD

American Museum of Visionary Art – Baltimore, MD

Intro by Cre80s

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  1. The museum has a yearly kinetic sculpture race. Contestants must peddle sculptures that work on land, in water, and through an obstacle course. Fifi, the pink poodle, usually makes an appearance in that race.

  2. You’ve shown some very strange but interesting museums lately. I’d never even heard of most of them. Even some funny objects. I’ve really enjoyed your videos and I’m fairly new to your channel. Found you through Adam the Woo. Keep up the good work.

  3. Those wooden things on the mannequin are called ‘dampers’… there the little padded knobs inside a piano

  4. Visionary, indeed! You’ve been to many an interesting art-jobber, CB, but I do believe this to be the coolest place I’ve seen yet. If I ever make it back home again, gonna hafta sidetrip down to BMore, visit my buds, and check this spot out. Amazing!

  5. How many came back to this video to find Jacobs new girlfriend? Just me? Well now i feel weird

  6. Anyone see her? I’m so happy for him! Also this place is so cool, love to see the imagination of art itself.

  7. The winged man used to be (maybe still) motorized and would slowly rise and fall in the stairwell. Did you catch the trees outside that are hung with little mirrors?

  8. Hilarious to me that this museum has a better collection of pez dispensers than the actual pez museum.

  9. Came back to this video just to find your girlfriend Jacob thank you for letting me know hope you both enjoyed it

  10. Wonderful place, & fantastic gift shop! Also lovely to see you so happy, Jacob. I always enjoy seeing your smile, with that interesting & very sweet gap between your front teeth. Back in Chaucer’s day, a “gat-toothed smile” was used – in the case of his Widow from Bath (in “The Canterbury Tales”) as a kind of well-understood shorthand of the day, to show that she enjoyed sex, & was sexually active. However, in fortune-telling, a gap-toothed smile means that you will travel a lot, which in your case is certainly true! Thanks so much for taking us to see all these places that some of us will never see in real life.💐

  11. Thanks for letting us see things .iam disabled and can’t go places .you’re awesome and hope you become a YouTube sensation God bless you.

  12. I adore the AMV, that hand in the back "holds up" a giant movie screen, they do outdoor movie nights on that giant grass hill behind it like Rocky Horror and Jaws.

  13. meanwhile in Japan fake beer is applejuice flavored and sold as a candy you put in a cup of water. If you ever make it to Japan you need to check out "dagashi" types of stores

  14. Hi Jenn!! Looking forward to meeting you!! So happy for both of you! My cats sleep at least 18 hours!

  15. The difference between the baboon and the mandrel is that the baboon is a woodwind instrument and the mandrel has strings like a guitar. 😜

  16. Cool museum! I would like to go to these museums one day. That is, if I go to Baltimore one day. I went to Baltimore for a conference one year and it was fun. I didn’t go to this museum but I love it. The gift shop is super cool too. I’ve never seen a gift shop like that before. What’s with that sculpture with that guy eating babies? Is that in John Podesta’s art collection? That’s quite disturbing! I guess people interpret it differently though. But that is weird. I wonder what the museum said about it? Well, thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  17. It’s funny, he was in my current state of Florida just a few weeks ago, now he’s in my home state and town of Baltimore! What are the odds. Thanks for giving me ideas of unique fun things to do here and when I visit back home!

  18. The Pez Pokémon were super kawaii!❤ lol I could’ve stared at the winged man statue all day- stunning work. 😍

  19. Oh folk yes! The art was cool, but midway through I couldn’t help but wonder who was the shy painted fingernail friend you were with?

  20. i dont get why when you vist a museum type of place you feel the need too touch things or put your hands everything.

  21. This is my favorite art museum but I haven’t been in a while! Thank you for showing us all the new stuff!

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