Americana Art Show

Americana Art Show

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Americana, a broad term, as in all things American. America is wide in experience, size and interpretation, in a small amount of history and yet, historically brilliant. In this open art call asked to see the artist’s interpretation of Americana. For everybody, America is something different. We want yours. Is it the Wild West? Is it the time of the American Revolution? The Cold Ware? The 60’s? Is it the political realm, currently taking over the world? Is it the original Americans? Is it our abuses? Is it our triumphs? Is it our leaders? Or is it simply one American you admire? In this open art call we asked to see the artist’s interpretation of Americana.The following artists were chosen from this call for entries:

artist April Aldighieri Smith from Simsbury, Connecticut: Photography On Metal Print
artist Fred Larucci from Woodstock, Illinois: Graphite
artist Kelly Burke from Baltimore, Maryland: Quilt, Mixed Media
artist Lia Ali from Santa Monica, California: Oil
artist Norma Warden from Castaic, California: Photography
artist Richard Barnett from Oak Park, California: Oil
artist Scott Herndon from Washington, District Of Columbia: Photography
artist Travis Gordon from Pasadena, California: Photography
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