Fine Art America Product Review

Fine Art America Product Review

I am so excited to share this with you. Join me February 21-23, 2023 for the BYO Brush Beginner Art Challenge. Get your workbook for the challenge here. If you are a beginner and want to get a sure foundation that you will use for years in your art journey, you can join me by signing up for this free challenge. It’s free, but you have to sign up.

Fine Art America is a site where artists upload their original art and you can purchase prints, giclees, and many other home products with the artists work on them. This video will show you 5 items I recently ordered with my own art on it. This was so fun to see my artwork on a phone case, tote bag, notebook and even a face mask. Here is my profile on Fine Art America.

I ordered 5 items and I review each one in the video. This first was a notebook I ordered and was so excited when it came, I opened it completely forgetting I wanted to use it in a video. It’s a spiral bound notebook and the paper is lined and very smooth. My artwork transferred really well to the cover of the book.

The phone case I ordered was of a painting I do in my online class at Painting With Acrylics You do have to make sure the artwork will transfer to the orientation of the phone. The case itself has a very slick surface and the colors are brighter than the original artwork, but it is clear and excellent quality.

I ordered a face mask just out of curiosity and I love it. The lining is very soft and smooth, The artwork transferred very well and it isn’t too tight or too loose.

The little make up bag or change purse is very sturdy and I can tell it will hold up to a beating in my purse. It has a nice gray lining and a heavy duty black zipper. The artwork transferred well and it matches all the other items from this same paint.

The tote bag is also sturdy and has 2 black webbing type handles. It is made for the bottom to be flat and is definitely made to last. The handles are long enough it can easily go over my shoulder.

I’ve never ordered anything from Fine Art America before and all the items are made of excellent quality and the art is true to color. I am very pleased with everything I ordered.

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  1. I liked this video because it was short and to the point, no waffle as with many others. This is how it shoud be done.

  2. Hey Sharon, your paintings look amazing on the items,
    do you have any tips on making sure the image doesn’t become pixeled/distorted when put on the larger items ?

  3. Sadly, our experience buying from Fine Art America was a complete disaster, We chose a particular image that was relevant to our product mix and placed a trial order for 3 items. When they arrived, they were completely unusable. We don’t know why but the material we received was so dark, the subject matter of the art itself was unrecognizable. We were very surprised as whoever made the print and mounted them, must have realized what had gone wrong. Anyhow, we raised it with the supplier a month ago and have not heard back. I think we have done our money. I guess we will just throw the products in the bin and chalk this one up to yet another internet dissapointm,ent. Ok, Caviate emptor ,,, buyers beware!

  4. Thanks Sharon for this review. Thinking about uploading some of my photography to Fine Art America.

  5. Hi there – the opening in the face mask is to place a filter which makes the mask more effective – that’s a good thing!! Love your enthusiasm. 🙂

  6. Thanks! It’s good to see what the products will look like. Good video! I’ll look you up on FAA!

  7. Hi, have you made any sales on FAA? Do you have any advice for the newbies on platform how do I get my art to be noticed?

  8. This was such a helpful video, Sharon! I am a returning newbie to Fine Art America. I love your enthusiasm and positive energy! ~Sandra

  9. Hi there, it would have been more beneficial to show the items close up and in greater detail with brighter lighting. The pencil case was shown in about 3 seconds! How fine is the print and colour balancing quality? Did the phone case fit? FAA products are on the expensive side, we need to know if they are worth it.

  10. Seems those good quality!! And you bought so many! Well that is a good samples. I am in fine art America too in case you like to connect.

  11. So did you buy all those products you just showed us? Did you get a lower price because you are a member there?

  12. Thankyou for sharing…what if your paintings are on your phone…what’s best way to know if the image settings(pixels and mb size) is correct to give a perfect result on the products ?

  13. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I’m a new subscriber! I love your content! Blessings! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Thanks. I just joined FAA end of Nov and really nervous based on comments I read online. But your products look lovely – whew – Thank you so much. Wish you much success

  15. Thanks super helpful, been interested with Fine Art America as im not really liking Printful results from a print
    quality perspective. This is super useful
    Also loved the whole vibes and attitude 🙂

  16. The mask is open so you can stick a filter inside. I love your presentation. Rip those bags open so we can see you stuff!!

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