Fine Art America Review – How Is It For Sellers?

Fine Art America Review – How Is It For Sellers?

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About this video:
In this Fine Art America review you will learn all about this website and whether you can actually earn a decent income through them. Most of these type of opportunities are not that great so watch this review and let me know what you think.



  1. that isn’t at all accurate there is no 70%. they don’t take any of your cut. you mark up the price, you get that price. They add in their price, and the total is what the customer pays.

  2. So it’s basically a marketing video using FAA as a click bait material. It’s not very helpful for those who want to make art and are looking for the ways to sell it.

  3. Unlimited listings should be free since they charge about 70% of your sale. But, it is what it is, and $30 isn’t a lot of money so…………

  4. Good review, and great points that you make as far as the profit margin and what not. I’ve been on fine art America for 10 years and not made one sale. It actually made me suspicious of the website but, after hearing you reiterate, their legitimacy, it’s likely that it just hasn’t resonated with anybody because I haven’t done much marketing. Thanks, Ben Zoltak

  5. why can’t register? there is an error security code written even though I have filled it in correctly

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