Fine Art America Review – What It Is – How To Use It – What I Think Of It

Fine Art America Review – What It Is – How To Use It – What I Think Of It

Fine Art America is another great website you can use to sell your artwork online.

If you would prefer to read instead of watch, I wrote an extensive article about Fine Art America on my website. Follow this link:

You may have come here just to find out how to upload an artwork or something similar. Although not each topic is mentioned, below are some timestamps with the main subjects I’m discussing:

How To Join Fine Art America: 4:53
Membership Plans: 5:50
How To Upload/Edit an artwork/photo: 9:40
What My Gallery Looks Like: 14:40
What is “Behind the Scenes”: 15:50
Marketing Options: 16:55
Statistics/Analytics: 18:43
Accounting/Sales/Payments: 20:40
Fine Art America Community: 22:15
What Happens When I Sell a Product: 26:22
Have I Sold On Fine Art America: 27:07

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  1. I ordered three pieces including a metal print, a large canvas print, and a coffee cup. This was a trial order as we were looking to use their products as part of our merchandise range. When the pieces arrived, we could not have been more disappointed. Both the metal print and the canvas were so dark that we could not use them. We even tried illuminating the back of the canvas with a light and it still did not work. You need to be very careful ordering as the final prints are nothing like they appear on the web site. We were very surprised they shipped these pieces as they were very obviously way too dark and the art itself, unrecognizable. We are in Australia. We have askes Fine Art America to take it back but thus far we have not heard anything back after a month. Cavite Emptor, buyer beware! the art is not what it appears to be unfortunatly.

  2. How do you handle art that is signed, and it’s relation to the picture area printing on a wrapped canvas as well as a flat print that does not need extra art area for the wrap? Indenting the signature for a wrap would make it very far into the picture area for a flat print. Do you just crop it down for flat prints?

  3. Can you explain template sizes for each product? Since only one image size can be uploaded that will apply to all products what is the relevance of templates? Thank you. Also what do those numbers mean and what is an ideal image size?

  4. Thank you for doing this! I just joined to sell prints. When you uploaded a picture of your artwork, did you just upload a pic from your phone? I’m concerned about the quality of the image from my photos to an actual 20 x 17 or so print. Thank you for any assistance 😊

  5. Hello Brian. May I ask, how much do Fine Art America take as a comission once your art print has sold?

  6. Fine Art America just another internet SCAMM!!! I uploaded 12 images beginning of 2022 and not a single sale-not even 1 face mask or card!

  7. My favorite thing about Fine Art America was that after I uploaded my art, a week later, it all disappeared. I contacted them and they asked if I had the rights to sell the pieces. As the creator of the original pieces, I do. A simple search of the images would’ve traced back to me, but that would require effort on their part. They said they’d look into it but there was no response. I reached back out and again, no response. When I canceled my account, they immediately reached out, but again, refused to look into the situation as to why ALL of my art was deleted.

  8. I have a question. I am trying to figure out how to customize my website slides layout. Some of the websites on FineArtAmerica the artwork image shows on the left & the Artist name & slide title is on the right side of the image. I am trying to figure out how to customize my layout as my current one has the image on the right & part of the image is cut off. Is there a way to customize the layout. I am so not tech savvy so simple would be great. Thank you to anyone who can help me figure this out.

  9. Is there any way to view who’s following you? The top shows the number following, but I can’t find a way to see who they are. Is this possible?

  10. This is great – I think you’ve convinced me, thank you! Two questions if I may: 1 – I’m Canadian too – are there any tax considerations for us? 2 – Are there requirements for the quality, size, etc. of the photos you upload? I’d hate to have someone receive a pixelated print. Thanks!

  11. Hi Brian I enjoyed your video. I have an account on FAA. I am having trouble figuring out how to change my collection logo. I thought I could put one of my images from the collection there. Do you know what i need to do?

  12. I just signed up for Fine Art America. Are the photos I take from my IPhone 11 Pro Max give the FAA required PPI for enlargements? I noticed on your Red Canoes you show PPI up into the 4000. I am finding that not all of my photos are showing not available in prints for buyers. I dont know what I am doing wrong ?? Please help!?

  13. Hi Brian. I have a question. Can I upload my art if it’s something I have seen in google. Like not something I have come up with on my own. On fine art America. I have created an account today on it. Thanks. ✌

  14. Is it possible to change the profile name? I signed up with my real name and now it’s visible, but I already have an established artist name, so I’d like to change it to that. Or do people not see my profile name? I don’t understand this and I can’t seem to find answers online.

  15. Thank you for the intro Brian, Certainly helpful and very kind of you to reply to the various questions below as I also learnt more from the Q and A. Best wishes

  16. Brian I have an issue – I only want my art to sell prints posters & canvas but does FAA allow you to be selective or do you have to place your artwork on every product?

  17. thanks,Brian. I recently joined them and did not put the prices for the prints,how can I go back to the uploaded images and put the prices ? I did manage the prices for the merchandize but somehow did not for the prints. 2. there are some very minor spelling mistakes in the description etc. How can I correct them now? please help.

  18. Hey Brian, I’m just a beginner and i do not know how will i get the money for my paintings and do they just take the image of the painting or the original painting itself?

  19. Hello. Has anyone already sold anything on this platform? . I see a lot of videos on the download description and all that . But no one says how things are going with sales . Thanks . With respect

  20. complet guide thx a llot i ve just subscribed, my regret being ignorant abt the possibility to sell art work online hahaha

  21. Think I made $200 on FAA but I want to use it as athird party site to sell my artwork because I am trying to sell my on my own website

  22. Can "original" also mean limited edition (to one image)? I’m a cyber artist and have thousands of images, but some might be good as limited edition for one only, so the buyer knows that image will be retired for good after they purchase it (with specific indicator embedded in the image as proof)?

  23. Hi Brian, your video is excellent and amazingly thorough!! 
    Pixel/FineArtAmerica have pretty archaic upload systems, very slow and tedious (at least at the "Free" level). 5 images at a time, REALLY? Most hosting services allow you to drag and drop unlimited images then go in and name, keyword, alt text, organize, etc. in bulk later. Does this get at all more streamlined at the "Pro" level.
    Thanks again for the very informative video!!

  24. I joined in 2913 & the re occurring issue was when I updated my payment details I input the correct card details & red error writing appeared after I clicked submit and the website didn’t update my new card details. The I’m i.t. Manager was rude unhelpful and unqualified to rectify the problem they just pushed it cack into me. I nearly closed my account down with them over this. Plus in 2015 I received an email from customer service without the salutation at the top and they didn’t sign off correctly we other, I pulled them up about this because I could have been one of my customers

  25. Hey Brian! I cannot figure out how to sell rights managed downloads. Any quick tips?? Thanks!

  26. What if I don’t want my image on an item, such as a shower curtain? How do I ensure it’s not included after I upload the image? I don’t like my images on shirts unless it’s an all-over-print.

  27. I was having a hard time hearing you. I even had my sound cranked up. It is like you were getting to far from your mic.

  28. If a didn’t add the pricing for the prints when I began, how do I add them afterward? I’ve entered the profit amount, however, nothing has changed.

  29. Thank you, I just joined them the other day, still getting my feel around the site, worth trying as another avenue for exposure and income. Found your video very informative and helpful, may we all have a prosperous year in 2021! 🙂

  30. Hi hi! Any success with you with shopify? 2016 i join fine art america. Then I stop and recently just get back. I am thinking of doing that shopify online store. Kind of dont want to pay $29 per month.

  31. I just signed up a few weeks ago and I have a few issues with them. Firstly, I paid for the premium but didn’t get a chance to fill out my details. About a week later, while trying to log in, I was only getting a blank page. I decided to try incognito mode and that’s when I saw a notification on the login screen that my account was closed. I checked my email to see if they sent me anything and nope. After reaching out, someone replied and told me I triggered a spam/copyright filter. No apology, no explanation…just a dry message with "I will reactivate your account this time…" at the end of the email. THIS TIME? I thought that was strange. Anyways, I uploaded an HQ scan of a hyper-realistic Faber Castell colour pencil drawing and ordered 2 products to test the quality of their POD service. 4 days later I get an email saying the order has been cancelled due to the image quality being poor and after several days of back and forth with the artist aka ME, they were unable to obtain another photo. No emails were sent to me. My third issue is the website is old and outdated, even the social icons they have on there are from years ago when Twitter was using the light blue icon. For a site that has so many artists, you’d think they’d make an effort to keep up. Even the embed code should be easily customisable since not all websites are the same and some of us would actually like to tweak things a bit. I am not too keen on putting in much effort because the reviews are horrible for both sellers and buyers. I have seen artists complain that they triggered some copyright filter and FAA deleted their accounts without warning. That’s a bit drastic…there is no information about this either. WHY isn’t there a team reviewing this sort of thing before closing the account and deleting all the uploaded art? Anyways, I appreciate your video. I just thought I’d share my two cents lol.

  32. hi, what if i dont want to sell T-Shirt, i have great picture and almost everywhere fits, but only on t- sgirt and maybe one more piece doesnt fit and look like sh**

  33. hi there, can u help me? whenever i wanna post a new image site gives me same products? can i change that?

  34. Is people came to buy products from fine art America like Redbubble??
    Or I have to share the designs by own??

  35. Hi, Thank you for the video 🙂
    I’m new in Fine Art America and I only want to sell my artwork on Wall Art but no home decor, lifestyle, apparel and tech. Honestly I don’t know how to select it or deselect the products I don’t want to sell as I’m not interested in selling mugs, pillows, shower curtains. Can you give me a hand? Thank you!

  36. Thank you for this video. I am new to fine art America. I have a question how do I drive traffic and have more visitors.

  37. You said you decided to do prints on your own, for less. Do you have a shopping portal through your website and are getting your own done locally? I’m trying to decide if i should put shopping on my website or do it here on FAA.

  38. Hey Brian! How can I connet my personal website to the FAA shop. Do you have a video on that, or anywhere I can take advice from?

  39. Thanks for this info! Just wondering if you’ve ever ordered your items to check on the quality of it in Canada. I’m also a Canadian artist. Thank you!

  40. thanks for the video, how do you change the price you set for original? when you upload you can check that the original is for sell and put a price. but I can not find how to change that

  41. I am thinking about spending some effort in editing my FAA art and you certainly gave me what I needed to know about the mechanics and things that I was not aware of on FAA. Here is a question: I am tempted to post only a couple of dozen of what i think is my best quality work. Is that a good idea, or should I use a "shotgun" approach and post a hundred and hope for the best?

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