How America Fractured Into Four Parts (w/ George Packer)

How America Fractured Into Four Parts (w/ George Packer)

America has fractured. People in the United States no longer agree on the nationโ€™s purpose, values, history, or meaning. Is reconciliation even possible?

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The Four Americas.
Libertarian America – free America โ€“ fail.
Smart America โ€“ educated and having advantages
Real America โ€“ Sarah Palinโ€™s America
Just America โ€“ a generational rebellion

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George Packer joined Thom to discuss his interpretation of four Americas. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

George Packer journalist at The Atlantic / The New Yorker / New York Times / Author of numerous books, his latest Last Best Hope: An Essay On the Revival of America

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  1. There are 360 million Americans and we have 360 million different Americas. We are a country without a nation. Americans do not want equality, that is absurd. Based on outcomes Americans want domination.

  2. usa is finished. the machinery is still there, but the lies have worn out. now everyone knows that the usa exists for the pleasure of a few billionaires.
    this guts the legitimacy of politicians, and military rule is the usual consequence. have a look at what crawled out from under a rock recently – ‘grk tv.’
    prc gov is fresh and vital, they will achieve world dominance soon. but they are as fragile as every elite rule, the rotten children of that elite will be in charge soon, and the wheel will turn again.
    but this planet has resource limitations. the environment is crashing around us, while elites come and go. only democracy has any hope of long-term survival, and the chance of homer sap getting there is small.

  3. Not my Australian street. We have New white settlers, like me. Old white Australians, then there are Chinese, both Hong Kongers and Mainlanders, Koreans and Filipinos and we all get on well. I’m sure that First Australians or any other group would be welcome, if they choose to be part of our community.

  4. I believe it’s only complex bc the need to enforce false ideas of "integration" and "inclusion", which only has the possibility of being "successful" if we non-whites understand we must consciously choose to cease to exist and become "American", even only in as much as we understand we have no right to Self Determination bc what’s in our interest is against the real people of this nation.

    Originally, nations at least were compromised as a homogeneous group with a common background/ancestry/ideology/culture. We were virtually eradicated and our history begins as America’s slaves as Divine decree.

    Even, maybe especially, White people’s Christianity enshrines ideas that are completely opposed to the Bible. But it’s so simple it cannot be reconciled bc, from all indications, white people need to rule over unalike people. Maybe this is why "Justice" is so elusive bc the true beneficiaries must ALWAYS be primary and the rest of us must be grateful for the privilege of living as "sub" Americans. Living here has been hell and literally has altered our relationship with The Most High Creator.

    Some things do not mix naturally iron mixed with clay). The solution is restoration of a people whose trajectory was completely swallowed up and unjustly tethered to an alien foreign power that has problems maintaining we are actually human although we have more melanin

  5. @ 05:05 You need to investigate Austraian political history more deeply or forget it. For you to say that Australia has at any time recently began to " split into quarters" betrays a total lack of knowledge of the subject.

  6. By mid century climate change is going to have created so much destruction that all of these people are going to perish. So donโ€™t worry about it.

  7. Mr. Packer’s "Free America" (Reagan neoconservatives) and his "Smart America" (Clinton neoliberals) share enough Venn overlap that they are more or less the same thing, i.e. "the Washington Consensus," or the "Center." They are losing support because the End of History never came, and the eternal sunshine of globalized Capitalist Realism turned out to be dark for most people.

  8. And then we have the polarization of these groups by politicians and the entertainment commercial press.

  9. All societies are fractured, it’s only a matter of time before they collapse. They begin fractured, make attempts to keep it together in order to hold off potential aggressors, but there’s only so long that one overly powerful cohort can keep the others under enough control to do the heavy lifting. Soon enough, the rest wonder why all their efforts yield so little reward, or even acknowledgement that they are rightful members of that society.

  10. At 7:00 Everything does NOT depend on a college degree, as it is mostly worthless in an information economy.

  11. I’d shake it out this way. Bernie’s America, Biden’s America, trump’s America, and Republican Classic America (currently leaderless).

  12. Democratic party, the organization has the same owners as the Republican party. Both parties are owned by capital. Evidenced by what was done twice to Sanders, and all progressives always. Shillery Clinton supporting Nina Turners opponent says it all..
    Thom gets so red faced mad on his show when someone accuses the Democrats of really being more in line with republican economic views than progressive views. Thom is a smart guy he needs to address the animus. How can such a smart guy see what we see and be adamant in his support of the Democratic party machine?

  13. It’s all about the money. In America money is power, and they – the rich – conspire against the rest of us to divide us as much as possible while they take everything. It all comes down to economics. If everyone had what they need in this country, and the world, we would see this unrest disappear. Instead we, as a culture, have enshrined money, wealth, and greed, leaving the vast majority in poverty. The rich run the show here. They are responsible for all our problems.

  14. The idea of meritocracy is garbage. You tell the 20% โ€œlosersโ€ they deserve to die in a ditch for failing at capitalism, its going to make more than just the 20% fearful and angry. When many are made to believe there is no other option, of course they will turn to nativist tribalism for a good false comfort.

  15. If anyone thinks POTUS Biden (formerly Sen. Credit Card) is actually going to do jack- all to equalize anything you never paid attention to his history, same goes for VP Harris. 1/2 bowl of shit, no systemic change, and people so demoralized in 2024 that we just may end up with a menace that’s not orange or incompetent.

  16. It seems to be a no-brainer that if the broad spectrum of Americans could be educated properly, provided with people-centric healthcare, and respected and acknowledged as integral participants, then the WHOLE COUNTRY, the NATION itself would be a much more viable place. As things stand "We the People" are being fractured into competing factions and the grand experiment that Americans was designed to be is breaking at its sociological seams.

  17. There must be a fifth America. There are many Americans that fit neither of the four. Would not equate Bill Clinton as smart America. There are not just Democrats and Republicans in America.

  18. Sleepy Joe is not going anywhere, he still thinks he can reach across the isle. He needs to be more like Trump and call out he own party and get their act together. Since the republicans do not want tax in increase but would be OK with a gas tax. I wonder how that will turn out. Look out $4.00 a gallon!

  19. For 40years republicans have been the dominant force in the USA. For 40years they’ve been demonizing libtards, gays,blacks,Hispanic, feminist s.Never once did they consider reaping what they were sowing! Until I witness republicans admitting in number’s they have been wrong and own the messes they’ve created, I offer no quarter.

  20. The problem is that each of the four Americas represents its own Interests perfectly, without seeing anyone else’s experience, as in "I’m for me and mine." Everyone, from each of the different positions, needs to accept that each sector of our society is valuable for what they contribute, and for our shared humanity. This author has it right. We need to change, each of us in our own hearts, to accept people who are different, as much as we accept people who are like us. This author gets it right.

  21. Kiss&Tell in my opinion you guy’s have done to much killing,, too many massacres
    To much wipping out of the seed of Adam witch is the indigenous people all around the world
    To have the balls to beg for or expect any forgiveness at this point, without repentance.
    We shouldn’t have to ask for reparations with all of the disgusting atrocities you guys done the mankind all around the globe. How could you ask for forgiveness without repentance?
    Your turn! How could you?

  22. This guest asked when did we become divided? Who is the "we" are he referring to? In my darker skin tone culture there has never been a "we" or coming together in America! It has always been a fight for human rights and decency in this country!!!

  23. The wealth inequality we have is the result of what we as a society decide it should be. My crazy, radical, left wing idea is that wealth ownership should match the contributions people make to produce the wealth. The more you benefit society, the more you should have.

    I look at it this way. Everything we have comes from (1) resources such as land, animals, trees, water, fish, minerals, sunlight, etc. that was here when Columbus came over and belong to everyone – including the Native Americans that were already here. (2) Science and technology that everybody contributed to, and also belong to everyone. (3) Roads, bridges, money, a legal system, national defense, and many other things done by government that are absolutely essential for the creation of wealth, at least to any substantial degree, and also belong to everyone. (4) Human labor.

    The only thing anybody can have a legitimate claim to is #4, but people who get most of their income from it have nowhere near the wealth and income as those who donโ€™t. Something is very wrong here.

    That is why I advocate a wealth tax with the money collected equally going to all American adults (including those who pay the tax).

  24. Only 4 Americas what a joke no illegal America, No black America, No Asian America. Typical liberal garbage gift wrapped to appear scholarly.

  25. Whomever it is that creates the list of journalists that Joe Biden can allow to ask questions at press conferences are the powers that be. They are not elected. They don’t work of, by and for the people. Read "Giants: The Global Power Elite," by Kevin Phillips if you want names. Our politics and economics have been gamed. Start there.

  26. Joe Biden is not a throwback to the New Deal era he’s a throwback to the racists of the Civil War era

  27. The unfortunate reality is simply that America as we know it would not exist without inequality and racism. America has always been divided.
    As much as the US would like to believe it can unite, it has never been truly united. As long as there are two systems of justice two sets of rules, disunity will continue until the eventual collapse of this country.


  29. George Packer is talking about Biden as if he doesn’t have 50 years worth of selling out labor and being a corporate bagman. He had me until then.

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