1. Native American Tribal colleges do many things to continue to teach their wonderful cultures and traditions! There is also a good American Indian College Fund / Denver ,Colorado to help native American students go to colleges across the USA! Great way to help support and encourage future students! 🪶🦅🦬🪶🦅🦬🪶🦅🦬🪶🦅🦬

  2. AWESOME❤❤😍💖💖 Sharing our culture and traditions on the world stage is so inspiring!💕🌐🔆🔆💘

  3. Im taking my crown!
    Do you know, what time it is?
    You u not the bride,
    Where is your proof?
    Here is mine!!!! https://youtu.be/XdDzvzqX-zI

    Yes, but I am called new Jerusalem. And I am the bride who will bind them to me as ornaments like a bride doeth! Isaiah 49:15
    I will tell you what He says when He speaks just as Moses did! There is always one who is sent!

  4. I feel there should be some indigrnous retreats where you can go on holiday and live the life how it used to be. To fish and forage among natives. I feel like my soul is wounded and i crave for something like that. The bs of the modern world hurts my brain n heart. It damages my soul

  5. I’ve been alive for 16 years and I’ve never been to a pow wow. My ancestors on my dad’s side are native and I know nothing about them. I hope I can learn more about my heritage someday soon.

  6. Kinda fitting as Vikings and Native Americans had relations (of course they were not Dutch Vikings they were Icelandic Vikings)

  7. 🤘😁 Apache here never danced in a powwow but think it’s time too. Thanks for sharing this my grandfather were full blooded Apache think his spirit is telling me it’s time 🔥⚔️🔥🐺

  8. Lol..theres people on here think these dancers are from the Netherlands..these dancers are from united states and canada

  9. We haven’t been able to go to Pow wow, or have them cause of covid….these shut downs SUCK!!

  10. Hi there , Mohamed Hoosain, South African Indian Gujarati Muslim here . To be honest , the Native Dances here remind me of the Chinese people when you see them dancing with the dragon costume . However I also was reminded of the Mongols and Siberians . Are Native Americans related to either the Mongolians or Siberians

  11. its good the people got to see REAL north american natives. ive seen videos of people from central and south america who buy cheap native american holloween costumes and try to pass themselves off as northern natives to scam the european people. like the pos who plays the last of the mohicans on the flute who weres the cheap war bonnet he bought at a halloween store and does the corny fake native dances that he made up.

  12. Tried to wipe then out and here we are all appreciating their beauty! This world man but the beauty that remains is always lovely.

  13. They are not native americans they are native Europeans. If they were from America then they would be americans.

  14. The five race on the Planet. … Red, White, Black, Brown, Yellow. The white man nearly wipe out the Red and black race.

  15. God bless all the Native tribes around the world and I hope one day America will be save by these Ancient Warriors of God from Above….

  16. To think our people are still here till this day is a true blessing, our ancestors are protecting us everyday <3

  17. To think that they tried to erase them from the face of the Earth and they are still here. Now that’s amazing.

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