Review & Demo – Decoart Americana – Affordable Acrylic Gouache!

Review & Demo – Decoart Americana – Affordable Acrylic Gouache!

Decoart Americana paints
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  1. I’ve never taken these paints seriously, but watching you paint with them makes me want to buy some now! Your art came out so cute and nice! I enjoy what you did with the limited color pallet

  2. I’ve used these for over 20 years. They are craft paints and typically do not provide pigment information, however some are pure colors and are generally named the typical name for the same in artist quality. It depends on the brand. Most colors are convenience blends and new colors come out every year, often dependent on fads and popular color schemes in home decorating. Delta Ceramcoat is another quality brand that has been around forever. Lightfastness is not an issue. You can apply them to virtually any surface, although you need a medium for some such as fabric or glass. There are a ton of mediums and finishes you can use along with them to change their appearance, and function. They look best sealed, either matte, satin, or gloss according to your preference. They apply to paper best if primed with a layer of gouache or white acrylic. A firm surface such as melamine panel is preferred, or you can go with canvas if you want the texture. Opacity does depend on pigment.. and yellows/yellow blends are typically the most transparent (that applies to professional acrylics as well) the way to fix it is to underpaint, typically with white but other colors can be used depending on the finished result. You can create primitive stroke work art.. up to photo realistic fine art with these. They are extremely versatile. Brush techniques include side loading, double loading, floating, glazing, etc. You use white and black to lighten/darken colors. You CAN use them as washes but you want a glazing medium not water. Water breaks these paints down if used in large quantity.

  3. If you want more information on using these look for decorative painting or tole painting instruction. It’s harder to find but still out there.. it was extremely popular in the past especially from the early 80’s through late 90’s. "One stroke" painting is still very popular (check Plaids facebook or youtube, or Donna Dewberry who trademarked it), although it is a much more basic form of art compared to the amazing work from the past. Everything from faux finishes, to Trompe l’oeil, to photo realistic florals/animals/still life, to landscapes, to cute folk art illustration.

  4. I adore the poppy fun colors you chose! Thanks for doing a second layer of paints, that really helps me to understand how opaque it can be. I love that dragon fruits color <3

  5. I haven’t used this brand of acrylic gouache, but love the Matt versions. The results you have to I really like, even the one you did not like! I love the flat stylisation and the way the colours work with each other. You mention about diluting them with water, the way round this is to use a good Matt medium, which really is the binder without pigment, do they do one that matches this range? If they do that will allow you the freedom to dilute without the problems you found. For that lovely flat surface that makes your finished work look so good any medium will have to give the same effect. These might fade over time but I think they will likely be fairly durable and lightfast because they are acrylic. Mostly the binder holds the pigment in a stable way. They are very different from water colour in this respect. I used student acrylic over 40 years ago it looks very little different from the day it was made, the nice thing about acrylic gouache is that it looks very nice under glass, when regular acrylic do not always do. If I did not already have enough paint to know I am unlikely to ever use it all I would buy these as they have some really nice qualities. Paints like these are used to create all sort of decorative home ware, and should last well no matter how you use them.

  6. Really love the limited palette paintings you made! I like how you played around with the opacity and made the translucent vase.

  7. I use Docrafts Artiste acrylic paint, which behaves exactly the same way as the Americana range. It is also very affordable, although the colour range isn’t as extensive as Americana. I bought it to use as an affordable alternative to the much-hyped acrylic gouache brands that seem to be so popular right now. I haven’t been disappointed! I love these paints! They also water down to create beautiful watercolour effects too, so they are really versatile.

  8. Ok… so… I really like the adjusted style of your paintings and want this to become a postcard series really badly 😀

  9. I have used these paints for art journaling for years as they don’t cause the pages to stick together. Absolutely adore the palette you chose!

  10. Your video was very helpful in understanding the difference between the Deco Art Americana paints and their other label. Thanks again

  11. I used to use Americana all the time but completely forgot about them! I bet they will be good for gel printing and then drawing or stamping over top.

  12. I’ve been looking at acrylic gouache, but hadn’t fully decided if I want to try it because I’m such a slow painter. I do have some cheap craft paints though, I’ll have to look through them and try this! Probably also toss some, they’ve been kinda neglected for the last year, and some are far older lol. Thanks for this idea! =)

  13. I own these paints for craft purposes, and have done for years. At no point did my obviously slow brain think about them in terms of being acrylic gouache – you have just opened up so many possibilities, thank you so much for this review! Your paintings turned about beautifully. 👏🏻😻👩‍🎨🎨

  14. Well this is just incredible! After being disgusted at the prices of gouache in general, I was thinking that there had to be another way to achieve the matte finish that I was looking for. I had been looking at craft paints for a couple of days and BAMMMM! I found this video. Thank you so very much for this. So, I guess that I DID have a good idea!😁 Thank you so so much!👍

  15. Oh yay, I was looking for the livestream where you tested these (or something like these) a couple of weeks ago!

    I really like the look of these – they look like any other matte acrylic (or "acrylic gouache" I will not rant, I swear, you all know my opinion already 😂), but they’re much more affordable than the fine arts products. Definitely a great option for hobbyists, and for anything that doesn’t need to be super lightfast.

    I’ve never actually used acrylics (after whatever we used in middle school), so I have no idea if this brand is available anywhere I can get them. I’m sure there are other equivalents around though, once you branch out from the fine arts brands and start looking at craft ranges!

  16. Your Kitty paintings are lovely. I’ve used these paints in the past and moved on to watercolor. What they lack in pigment info they make in affordability.

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