The American Performance Horseman 2023

The American Performance Horseman 2023

Watch American Horseman 2023
The first The American Performance Horseman put the western performance disciplines of cutting, reining & reined cow horse on the big stage.

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  1. WHOO-HOO…… love love love Matt Mills!! Best ever (in my eyes) in reigning. Plus he’s got such an amazing attitude. He’s by far my favorite 🤩. Blessings always Matt 🙌 Jennifer 🐎🐎🐎

  2. Here you can see: Altering tail carriage for the show ring is alarmingly widespread, and the effects on a horse’s health can be devastating. It is well past time we worked to stop this practice and other cosmetic procedures affecting the tail.

  3. Team Burnt Orange – horse ridden by Austin Shepherd moves like a cat checking perimeters…and Austin is not a little guy

  4. When do they have this American Performance horsemanship show, And where is it at?
    And how do you find out? When they are having this?

  5. Amazing horses and riders! There’s too many music pieces in this video. 😊 This is what built the great American west— on the backs of the finest horses— the American Quarter Horse. Thanks Teton Ridge— love this!! Hope to see ya all next year!

  6. Wow, it’s amazing what these horses can do. I wish I could do it cutting. I would have a bast.
    I love the Qarter Horses. They are wonderful to work with. ❤❤❤ and Blackshi is my favorite. And hot shaw, I like him too❤ well I would love to do that maybe someday ❤

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