The Rich Wild West Of American Art | (Waldemar Januszczak Documentary) | Perspective

The Rich Wild West Of American Art | (Waldemar Januszczak Documentary) | Perspective

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Series looking at American art. The first episode is set in the Wild West and begins with the sublime art of the Hudson River School, whose 19th-century evocations of the vastness of America did so much to fuel the myth of the promised land. Another huge influence was the mysterious rock art of Native Americans, which set a stirring precedent for non-naturalistic painting. The film culminates in a celebration of Jackson Pollock, born in Cody, Wyoming, who arrived in New York wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots, and whose famous drip paintings were influenced heavily by both the moods of the American west and the example of Native American artists. Presented by Waldemar Januszczak

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From Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Art: Made in the USA

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  1. “The artistic gene that led him astray” art is a wicked lover who steals your time and passion.

  2. "Country Music Hall of Fame" and "marvelous" are two phrases I would not expect to find in the same sentence…

  3. 38:30 You should have shown real Native sand art, not a couple of Natives dribbling ordinary sand through their hands. This is disrespectful.

  4. I want to paint a portrait of Sir Waldermar. How did he know all these???! Master storyteller is an understatement.

  5. you read the secret doctrine??? she was a fraud – a clever one granted. Not sure you have your facts about Krishnamurti right – or rather – you have portrayed him as a theosophist, when in fact, he turned his back on theosophy. He was essentially kidnapped by Beasant and the accused child fiddler Leadbeater (Krishna’s father initially agreed to allow them to take him, but then after seeing what was happening, took them to court to have him back – he lost!) and groomed for 2 decades to be the new world teacher for them – but he saw through their bs – and on his first official ‘lesson’/speech, he denounced them to the audience.
    Other than this – I really enjoy these docs.

  6. My name is EIRINI LAMPRAKOU. I live in Vouliagmeni athens greece. I am the Alithia behind Meta.

  7. A very explanatory way,of guiding us viewers into an unexplainable view. I just Confused myself, 🧐…ty connie

  8. If Pollock was an “ action “ painter I was an “ action “ visitor as well .I quickly moved around and darted towards the exit so I won’t have to see that piece of crap in front of my eyes again.

  9. too many ads waldemar i am going to have to abandon watchingthis series they have done my head in

  10. In order to gain a platform for perspective on the Art of Pollock, and Artists of this genre’, it is necessary to gain the concept of Physical and NonPhysical respectively, infused. Key is to understand Theosophy, (excellent value in this video), I suggest that one begin with benefit of a general understanding of Quantum Physics Science, the *"Universal Laws",* particularly the *"Law of Attraction", "Law of Rhythm", "Law of Vibration",* and the *"Hermetic Principles".*

    These values also help one understand the Ancient Spiritual Practices.

    I suggest, without judgemental attitude, with Conscious Thought + Applied Higher Mind, gain a perspective of "Religion" as defined by Sociologists, "an institution established by man, for sharing like beliefs, with like interpretations, and a doctrine of rules that complete their perspective beliefs". In this sense Spiritually takes on Physical Applications, they bring the NonPhysical into the Physical, the Material, Matter, forr our Human Mind to gain an understanding with greater ease.

    The NonPhysical and the Physical having had a bit of a competition over the ages and in the 19th Century it was the Physical that came to dominate with the Theory that remains a focus and even achieving a "Fact Focus Foundation" in the Mainstream Academic Paradigm, (the story developed, largely by Archaeologists and with some varieties of Science) to become "the measure" by which those whom seem themselves "Mainstream Academia" or "Students of", use to judge artifacts, fossils, data, and other theories.

    It is a worthy Note that this has been the thinking of those in charge of Academia, the Administrators in their fields, Education, and Research. *With a Dogmatic fervor they judge others whose Theories don’t meet their Paradigm, and defend they actions like those in the Evangelical Religions, with an intensity.

    Further Note needs to be made here: this Theory being used as Fact is a departure from, stands in opposition to, the very "Standards of Science and Research", which is specific on Theory vs Fact, and keeping mind free of influence, open, allowing the Research Methodologies to bring forth the findings from the data in the Studies/Research.

    These descriptions assist in allowing the mind to give the foundation of comparison a greater value in considering the subject of Theosophy or any subject, a greater Authentic manner of Comparision, of Understanding, for considering its relative values in concept.

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    Eacch then free to determine this or any subject with a greater potential for fact findings.

  11. I love Waldemar, I think I’ve watched almost all of his brilliant and engaging art documentaries, but what about women artists? Why are there never any mentions of women artists? I hate to think that Waldemar is sexist.

  12. Where is one of the greatest Western artists, Georgia O’Keefe?! No mention of any female artists. Tragic!

  13. the only problem is that 3/4’s of the stuff he says is wild speculation and mostly not accurate. writing this as he said "catcher in the rye" is about teen sexual awakening. there is no way he actually read the book. catcher in the rye is about alienation and trying to find something real or "not phony" in the modern world. the entire book takes place in the mind a troubled young man’s head as he wonders around new york after getting expelled from school, his thoughts, memories, etc. what one sees is that Caulfield actually has a point. and the title relates to a touching memory in the book which has larger metaphoric implications. these docs are good for entertainment but not for accuracy.

  14. Does he actually mention the name of Monument Valley? (0:28) and at 3:10 when he references "all the bad cowboy movies"? All I know, if John Ford was alive today he would slap his face.

  15. The USA; a country that spans an entire continent, has turned out to be the greatest single curse that ever visited Humanity. This curse upon all civilization, decency, and culture, continues to do it’s dirty deed. This mongrel unculture; this cancer, continues to grow.

  16. Excellent 👍 👍 Anyone who’s seen this series should be eligible for college credit in Art History. Waldemar uses unforgettable stories to teach the art and artists…

  17. Dreaming so high and beautiful we have invisible audience to join us watching such TV documentaries on web together, asking impossible questions such as…where from came out the pity? Compassion, mercy and willing to save living lives? Where from came out the human conscience at all? Somebody had the ideas straight in it’s minds if pigs do not write poetry, neither care about Stars maps or geography, someone wanted us to be more involved on understanding the … Holy Creation…the mystery of living life on this planet…maybe because Mother Earth needs dearfull loving sons to care about her belly pains, about that thin balance that allows this natural beauty to exist for us to be admired, yeah, waking up people is never enough so let’s explore the Holy Creation some more together hoping…we will find a way to save it. Such exciting travels in the wild reminds us how tiny we are, as big as ants for our planet, we could build up a frame to make any landscape look like a fine arts masterpiece of painting…as long as such a frame could break killer winds tornados deadly patterns and hurricanes power, break it on the very first start point, turning it on to a good healthy tender rain asset for all locals, yeah, if we could love natural beauties that far.. let’s enjoy the show then…who knows? We never know

  18. Though Waldemar Januszczak does a GREAT job of putting us into the realm Ta he’s presenting…. In regard to Remmington, I’d love to have other sculptors do this to prove me wrong ? Take a tape measure, and see if you don’t’ agree that "many", not all, but many of his mustangs, quarter horses, whichever/whatever, they all have BACK LEGS of ballerina type Thoroughbreds! Yep, too shapely, and TOO long! Today’s video makes me wonder too, why there were NEVER any left-handed cowboys ? Anyone ?

  19. Definitely needs a new update, now that Heizer’s "City" is completed after 50 years.
    His facts about Pollock’s "Mural" are completely wrong. Scientific restorers at the Getty have proven there are layers of dried oil on top of other layers of dried oil paint. It took weeks to complete. . . "not one night". Total myth making promulgating bullshit. Lotta fictional bullshit here. It’s informative that Nancy Holt was married/partnered to Robert Smithson, etc.

  20. "Why did they choose this particular rock [on which to draw for 8,000 years]? Perhaps because there’s something thoroughly mysterious about the way it’s just plonked down here." Okay Waldemar! AND he discusses theosophy without insulting it. It isn’t only art critics who are contemptuous of theosophy, but just about all intellectual historians. As if Kandinsky & others who found theosophy a source of profound spiritual insight were naive dupes. With such a dismissive attitude, how clearly are you going to perceive what these artists, poets, & philosophers perceived?

  21. It would be helpful if we could see the picture,not the back of a pretty girls head.Please keep your proclivities to yourself and concentrate on the ART.

  22. The spiral jetty in the Great Salt Lake. I was the newspaper cartoonist in Ogden, Utah, USA. Love your art documentaries.

  23. I love Waldemar, and this is another fine presentation, I just wish he would not have neglected all the people who were already living in those areas doing amazing art way before the European wave hit.

  24. Makes me sad to hear SPRINGSTEEN escorting Waldemar’s art program to its finale.
    I suppose it’s apropos, however…
    THE BOSS’S Rebel Soul has been SOLD OUT:

  25. Hey Wally Yosemite is the first national park — an act passed by Congress and signed by Lincoln in
    1864. They got the idea for Yellowstone cuz of Yosemite.

  26. Your section on Native art (contrasted with cowboys.. chef’s kiss btw 😏) was the finest piece of critique in your entire body of work. I felt briefly like I was watching Sagan’s Cosmos again; I was transported, and my heart ached.
    It almost redeems you for your Magdalene episode, for which I still believe you secretly intended to be a drinking game (take a shot every time Waldemar says whooor)
    But yes, the native segment touched my soul and I’m grateful.
    From this moment I’m so hoping you will visit the Diego Rivera murals in San Francisc, because my great aunt Helen is featured in them. (She was a record breaking diver and an immigrant from Yugoslavia, along with my grandmother and their parents)
    On my mother’s side, my great grandfather came over from Naples, and unfortunately fought Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution. Grandpa survived, I had him until I was seven.

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