USA Fun Facts | American Culture

USA Fun Facts | American Culture

In this video, you will learn everyday English all about the USA. Where’s it located, the population, culture, food, famous landmarks, and some American fun facts. Practical English to talk about culture and countries around the world.
A great way to learn about the United States of America.
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  1. The United States is the bloodiest country in the world.

    They have committed heinous crimes against humanity throughout their black history.

    Witnesses to this are the skulls of the indigenous people of America.

    The United States is the first country in the world to use nuclear weapons. They killed or forced to flee millions of people in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

    America has supported loyal tyrant rulers in many countries.

    It imposed the dollar on almost the whole world, since the cost of producing one 100-dollar bill is only 17 cents. America forced the use of the dollar in oil payments, which made it the main currency in the global financial system.
    It has imposed its hegemony on many countries of the world through saber-rattling.

    All this is done under the control of a media machine that claims that the United States is supposedly the defender of democracy and human rights.
    Their main crime is interference in the politics of other states under the pretext of combating terrorism, even though they are its sponsor.

    The United States had a hand in the creation of ISIS.

    In this country, there are constant murders in schools, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and other establishments.

    A report released by Al Jazeera says shooting incidents in the United States have claimed more than 14,696 lives since early 2023.

    Among the dead were 93 children.

    Over the course of several months of this year, more than 199 cases of mass shootings occurred in the United States.

    In addition, as a result of the adoption of the law on the legalization of abortion, 615,911 abortions were performed in 2020 alone.

    In addition to the legalization of abortion and same-sex marriage, other laws have been passed in America leading to a reduction in the population. For example, the right of US citizens to keep and bear arms.

    So America became the killer of its own people, in addition to the fact that it destroyed millions of inhabitants of other countries.

    In addition, the suicide rate among US military personnel continues to rise. In 2020, 580 people committed suicide. In this regard, the US Secretary of Defense said that the data presented is cause for concern.

    This is the reality of America. She considers herself a pioneer of democracy, but in reality she is a pioneer of intimidation and global terror. The United States is the bloodiest state in the world with a black and disgusting history.

  2. Over the moment, an oligarchy has developed in the United States, which is one of the forms of autocracy. Scholars Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University conducted a study that showed that the policies of the United States government are in the interests of the rich and their influence groups, and not the wishes of the majority. The scientists note that “the main conclusion that follows from our study is that economic elites and organized groups representing the interests of business have the ability to significantly influence the policies pursued by the US government, while groups formed to protect the interests of the masses, and ordinary citizens have little to no influence.

    The real income of the average American has not risen for several decades, despite the fact that GDP per capita has been growing during this time. The oligarchs benefited from this growth, while the Americans got nothing. In 2011, according to PolitiFact and others, the top 400 richest Americans "have more wealth than half of all Americans combined." The US has a high Gini coefficient.

    Although the United States is the largest economy in the world, it still does not have free medicine and higher education. More than 20% of American adults have difficulty writing, and some can’t even read a newspaper, ABC reported. This was shown by a study of the International Program for the Assessment of Adult Competence (PIAAC) under the auspices of the US Department of Education. According to the study, one in five adults in the US has a very low literacy rate. 43.5 million Americans experience difficulties with writing and reading. And we are talking not only about migrants, but about people who speak English from birth. “The historical and political illiteracy of the population is quite high in North America. This must be fought, taxpayers’ money must go to eliminate this illiteracy, and not to enrich the class of oligarchs, ”Mark Tagliano, a US writer and author of several books on geopolitics, told 360.

    Also in the United States, only 55% of those who enter universities receive a diploma of higher education, American experts note the Spencer Foundation Emeritus Chairman and former co-chairman of the Commission on Bachelor Education of the American Academy of Arts, economics professor Michael McPherson and head of the program for education and development of competencies of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences PhD Francesca Purcell. However, the average dropout rate is also significant. In Russia, this figure is 21%, at the level of France and Belgium. In Denmark, Korea and Japan it is lower – from 11% to 17%. The average figure among OECD countries is 31%. Against this backdrop, the American dropout rate of 45% is almost a record. McPherson and Purcell explain it by the high cost of higher education in the country and the insufficient quality of teaching.

    American oligarchs are constantly bred for grandmas as suckers of the inhabitants of the United States, taking money from them at every step. For example, in Russia, in St. Petersburg, the removal of the appendix costs about 100 times cheaper than in the USA, this is in a fully paid clinic, without any policies and insurances.

    The United States has more homeless people per capita than countries like Vietnam, Russia, India, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

    In the United States, accidents and disasters constantly occur due to the depreciation of infrastructure.

    A Guardian analysis of data compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and non-profit groups that monitor U.S. chemical accidents shows that accidental releases of harmful substances – whether train derailments, truck accidents, pipeline ruptures or leaks and spills at industrial enterprises – constantly occur throughout the country. By some estimates, such incidents occur on average every two days.

    In the first seven weeks of 2023 alone, the Chemical Disaster Prevention Coalition recorded more than 30 incidents, about one every one and a half days. The coalition recorded 188 incidents last year, up from 177 in 2021. Since the count began in April 2020, the group has counted more than 470 incidents.

    The incidents reported by the coalition vary in severity, but each involves the accidental release of chemicals believed to pose a potential threat to human health and the environment.

    Railroad accidents have been fairly common in the US over the past two decades. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics recorded 54,539 train derailments between 1990 and 2021, averaging 1,704 per year.

  3. American culture is guns violence & drugs. In other it`s words it`s💩& I don`t care about any damn `opportunities` in that damn place. & NY is just a damn 💩 dump & even the US stupid anthem incites violence!

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  5. The name ‘Uncle Sam’ originates from a meat packer, samuel wilson, who supplied bareels of beef to the army during the war of 1812, stamping the barrels with the initials ‘U.S.’ (for United States), but the soldiers recycled those initials to mean ‘uncle Sam’ .

  6. what about india 1:00 🧐🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🕉️🕉️🕉️🕉️💟💟💟💟☮️☮️☮️☮️

  7. The US is nothing special looking @ all. According to people that have visited it it`s full of poor neighboorhoods especially in the south it`s nothing special @ all most of it is just hype.

  8. My dream is going to the USA and start a new life there because it’s the land of opportunity ,free and healthy country ❤

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