Why Fine Art America is my Favorite Print on Demand Platform (Full FAA Tutorial)

Why Fine Art America is my Favorite Print on Demand Platform (Full FAA Tutorial)

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel, I’m Mey 🙂
Today I will be taking you to Fine Art America-
That has become my new favorite platform for Print on Demand!
This video will include:
– How to upload to this platform
– Cool platform tricks- like groups!
– Why I am taking this platform more seriously than RedBubble
– Customizing a FREE website given to you by Fine Art America
– How to control commissions & digital streaming

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– Learn about Google SEO & SEO tools

– How to build your own FREE website with WordPress

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I started this channel in January of 2021 to share my knowledge of selling digital downloads on Etsy, or any other platform, as well as my experience with Print on demand. I do my best to bring you the most relevant content about selling print on demand and printables, creating interesting print on demand designs, testing myself print on demand products and their quality, as well as provide you with marketing tutorials, and so much more! I recommend many services and websites in my videos, some may contain affiliate links- which means that you can have a discounted price, or the same price, while I earn a bit of a commission for the referral- to help support this channel and the costs of producing the videos.

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  1. Very informative! Did you actually get any sales when you used the Fine Art America platform? Your honesty is appreciated, thanks!

  2. Hi! I joined your Fine Arts of America group. I’m Gloria Brooks. I just found your channel here today. I’m getting so much value from it! Wow! Thank you for pouring out so much of yourself and sharing vast amounts of how to’s! I started my Fine Art America page last year. To date, I"ve not done any marketing for it whatsoever. I did set up an Instagram and FB page for it, but, zero sales, which is understandable since I’ve not done any marketing. I have an online teaching business and have been very challenged with selling online courses (through my WordPress and now Samcart) and digital products as of late for home and school K12 educators. I think I need to hunker down, get blogging and cranking out more YOuTube videos, posting to Pinterest and using my sales funnels, honestly. Anyway, that’s what brought me here to you. What a journey!

  3. Now, that’s THE ONE I was waiting for !
    It ticks all the boxes (at least the ones on my main requirements list)… OMG, the website, what a riot !
    I’ve started following you rather recently because there is something similar in our way of researching and sorting things out. I so much relate to your videos and approach…
    I do not want to be all over the place because the more you spread, the "thiner“ you become. All over the place doesn’t cut it, you need to pick what’s best for your own projects/character and dig deeper !
    Thanks for your astounding amount of research and sharing… I SO MUCH appreciate it.
    BTW are you a Portuguese national ? That’s where we chose to live and we are loving it .

  4. Thank you for sharing all your info..

    I noticed at 7:49 your account name is a business name. When I joined and filled in the initial info I had to put my first and last name and there was no place for my business name. Now my FFA account only shows my name where yours shows Maya Mey Aroya Art.

    I tried Googling a fix but so far can’t find the remedy.

  5. Yes it’s a shame you cant upload an image more than 25MP
    Do you think it’s safe with NO copyright etc?

  6. girl I like your vampire teeth ! :)) here is your brother on youtube " pioneerpauly " :)) – are u on the same vampire clan ??! – hihihi ..sry I don’t want to be rude in any way I love your teeth ! , u are unique girl !:) , nice tutorial

  7. Hi! I have joined FAA two weeks ago and I want to say a big THANK YOU for your informative video! it really helped me!

  8. So buyers can download the image througb photos tedious of the tote and possibly steal the image? It doesn’t sound safe

  9. You kidding me .
    I m Photographer for over 46 years .
    Fine art America is the Worst .
    You make no money .
    and who cares about the Design .
    is all about the Sell .$$$$$$ .
    Sell on your own Website .

  10. Very helpful overview! Just wondering, now that it’s the end of 2021, can you give us an update on you feel about FAA now – and are you making money/how much/etc? Thanks for whatever you feel comfortable sharing.

  11. Thanks for your inspiration, but I have a problem in the Duvet Cover if just won’t fit. How did you do it. Thanks for your help.

  12. Great and informative video! When it comes to large prints, how good is the resolution in the prints and other large items like blankets, towels,etc.?

  13. fab video Mey i am new to FAA so this video is amazing and very helpful to me i have joined your group and hope to get my 1st sale soon on FAA for my photos

  14. This was such a good couple of videos on Fine Art America. I still have so many questions though. I’m going to search your channel for more videos on this platform. Thank you so much for all the information you provide.

  15. Es muy cansado estar leyendo los subtítulos estaría muy muy bien que hicieran este video en el idioma español,castellano. Gracias

  16. Enjoyed your video very much. I am a free member @FAA. I have 2 questions. 1. uploading and pricing, no problem. However, when I click on picture I don’t see the tea shirts, masks, puzzles’. Where are they. 2. Telling people about my work I tell them to go to FAA and fill out my name in Search button. Is this the right way? Thanks Anna

  17. What is your marketing strategy, guys? How do you lead potential customers to FAA and how much does it cost to make at least living wages in the West? Thanks, looking forward to reading your advice!

  18. Are there any protections for uploads to Fine Art America? I am a portrait artist displaying my art in pencil, charcoal, and colored pencil. Many friends and family have concerns that my work may be copied and resold. Do I need copyrights or trademarks to protect my work?

  19. Are you still on Fine Art America? From a couple other video you said that you moved your prints to Inprint and Displate, which makes me wonder about the quality of Fine Art America for prints. I also noted that other artists have discussed Fine Art America, as having product problems. what are your thoughts on this and would you still recommend using Fine Art America. What I am looking for is a separate add on to my Shopify store that will run POD and where i would not have to deal with the headache of shipping through Printify or Printful

  20. Decided to join after watching this video. I had known about the site for a long time but never thought of trying to join it until seeing your video. I just followed you on the site as well. I mostly do photography but some painting etc. I also sculpt but not sure about selling photos of my sculptures at some point on the site. Thanks for making this video. – Heidi

  21. Thank you. Do you put the same photos on all 3 platforms? Or are you focusing now just on FineArt America?

  22. Popped into my new FAA shop to see that I had a positive comment on my first image only 45 minutes after setting it live! Now I need to go back to make the amendments that you showed above!

  23. Thank you for being so thorough. I was not sure about fine art america till watching your video

  24. Mey, thank you for all your videos. You’re so awesome. Mey, how do you protect your photos from theft?

  25. thank you for all the info. very helpful. you were going to speak of the digital streaming option (Acanvas), but didnt. i will look for a video explaining that, because i dont quite get it. it mentions a monthly subscription but no amount.

  26. I just joined. I am still setting up so it will be a while till I can upload my art and photos. Thank you for sharing this. I like collaborating with other artists.

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