I was excited to sell print-on-demand merchandise on Fine Art America, and I even did a video about it back in the early days (here is the original video: https://youtu.be/Tf43PmI26cw)

How did my Fine Art America adventure go? In this video, I go over my experience (mostly negative) about Fine Art America. If you want to hear me rant and rave about print-on-demand failure, this is the episode for you!

00:00 The Early Days
00:21 What is Fine Art America?
00:55 How Many Sales?
02:27 Example #1
03:12 Example #2
03:52 Example #3
04:16 Example #4
05:00 Thing Get Even Worse
06:38 Tips



  1. I am not a pro photgrapher but I tried signing up to the free account. After few uploads, my account got closed without any explanations. I cant even sign up for a new account. As an artist it is very weird an unpleasant to get rejected without giving you any reasons for the account to getting blocked.

  2. Thanks for this eye-opening video on FFA’s lack of advertising. I’ve been on their website since 2017 and make hardly any sale. Every time someone buys a print I feel that it’s one of my artist friends who perhaps makes a ‘sorry purchase’. It’s also a shame that we cannot see who bought the artwork, or get a feedback on how it printed. I suppose I use the website more as an online gallery for exposure. During the 5 years I’ve been on it I think I gained only 96 admirers which is pretty awful. I see others who’ve been on there for only a year or two and have hundreds of thousands of fans. I don’t know how they do it.

  3. I have been a FAA artist for ten years. It does not make me rich but I notice that the more art I upload and the more I get involved on the web site as I would if I were on a social media platform such as FB, the more views I get every day. I have to keep active on it doing certain activities, adding art to groups, etc., liking, favoriting other artists’ works… I gradually keep selling more each year, enough to keep my Paypal nicely stocked, and I only recently have starting producing a lot more art that is actually more popular…Rome and art is not built in one day. My sales could pay for dozens of yearly membership costs- 30 bucks… One thing I have to comment on about this video in that my results are totally contradictory: I just Googled "fine art buying" and Fine Art America was second, right after singulart, so it would appear that FAA is now actually helping spread the word. Good video, and congrats on your success!

  4. I’ve been on Fine Art for around 8 years and haven’t sold anything. I get 400+ views a year with many from the same city, same images. Makes me wonder if someone is able to steal my work off the site.

  5. Thank you Zen 😊 I am very disappointed with Fine Art America. I am looking into a different platform to sell my art prints. It seems very complicated to change the domain name. Now I know what to look for on a platform.

  6. Warning ⚠️ The sound effects in this are super loud, and will hurt your ears. Listen to this at the lowest volume. It was already my understanding this form of selling is meant to work in tandem with your own website, allowing the photographer or artist to not also have to be the framer, printer and shipper of their own work. These sites allow your customers several options, if you have a website – such as canvas size, frame type, etc. They do take part of your profits for that work, which means the artist will want to price their work accordingly to account for that, and to ensure you receive the return you want on your work.

  7. Thanks, Zen. Brill vid. I’m building a photography web site, and need a PoD. I tried printing myself, but WAY too maddening. I was about to try FAA, caught this just in time. Respect, fam.

  8. Ive always thought that posting your artwork on these sites is more of a way to get your artwork stolen or copied by merchants who sell large volumes but who have no talent themselves. They seem to be malls for those merchants who are shopping for things to copy and sell…

  9. Fine Art don’t do a lot of advertising. It’s largely up to you. I’ll say again It’s much worse with Redbubble, also if you want your original work stolen and posted on every POD site including all over Redbubble with bot accounts and bot responses with no chance of having it taken down Redbubble outshines every site I’ve used….

  10. I see what you mean and when I called customer service for help, they said they only help buyers.

  11. I was genuinely curious if anyone got sales on FAA when I came across this. I have been on their site for years, though only going for the free in a wait to see what happens 1st approach. Nothing. I literately forgot about it until a friend told me he keeps seeing my face in an ad and when he sent it to me, it was a Pixel ad where they used my FAA profile photo. All I could do was laugh.

  12. I am trying since 2021 to regain access to my account on fine art america … they don t even answer the mails they received from me, my account is still active, my photos to sell are still there but .. I cannot access my account … so slowly I am beginning to think their a fraud

  13. I uploaded quite a few of my paintings to FAA. Before I continued to add more ( I waited until the next day ) I searched EVERY single search result it produced with my EXACT Title. My artwork did not appear. There were 37 full pages and I searched every single one.
    I sell on E Bay, Chairish and just I started with Etsy and this is not the case. If you search the title your listing will come up, often times first. If you search key words then it could be anywhere in the results but you will find it.
    This was enough for me to not want to continue with FAA. I just didn’t feel it was a good fit for me and I didn’t trust that I would actually get a correct accounting of sales. That is only a hunch, I don’t know this but with the other sites you have to ship your own items out and so there is no question of a sale.

  14. I just tried them again cause i want to actually try to buy my own shirts and stickers. They will still not give me links to sell t shirts of stickers.

  15. A quick note about SEO. It is quite possible that you saw Redbubble first because YOUR searches include it more often. If you went into an incognito tab, you may find a more level playing field

  16. I manage to make sales on FFA; but lately every time I generate a canvas print sale they tell me it can not be printed because the image is not centered; which is a joke as all my images uploaded to the platform have been edited and cropped in an image editor. This has cost me several hundred dollars in lost commissions; and when you contact the platform vial email, phone or the online ticket system, they don’t bother to respond back and they cancel the sale. The platforms that are far more professional in my opinion are Pictorem, Redbubble and Zazzle as a last choice, though Zazzle years ago was at the top; in my opinion they have really damaged their platform; especially when they decided to block Google from indexing the shops on the platform. I can say this, because last year I was contacted by them via email and they asked me if I wanted to move over to a new platform within Zazzle and they stated that with this platform Google would index my shop.

    As for sales you need to do a lot of promotion on your own; don’t count on the platforms to do it for you. That’s why it’s so important to have your own website. Redbubble would be the top site that does PPC advertising on both Google and the Bing networks, Pictorem does as well to a smaller degree. So if your pushing your stuff online it will get much more reach from the paid advertising that these companies do; but remember it’s going to be up to you. Post to as many social networks that you can, create videos showing how you go about creating your art, create promo videos and yes do some paid advertising as well.

  17. As an amateur photographer, I have been looking for a good place to start perhaps selling enough photos to upgrade my gear, not to make a living out of it. Having seen your video, I am not so optimistic anymore :-). I have seen a photographer using Fine ART America as a platform he could link to from his Squarespace account, but that is an extra cost i guess.

  18. Yes, I think you have to market your own store on fineartamerica. Here is the thing though……the quality of what you get….is really good. I am looking at other POD companies like…..Gelato….oh my!!!!!!!! What I got back from Gelato was so bad, it almost made me hyperventilate. Not so on fineartmerica, redbubble has some amazing art as well……ALWAYS order a sample….if my customers had received what I did from Gelato…..I would have been HORRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The quality of fineartamerica art work matches a local go to company called Coupralux. They are AMAZING…and, so is fineartamerica. Just FYI on that….

  19. I can’t even sign up to the site. Something wrong with the security code, i’ve typed a hundred times those codes just as excatly as the picture dislayed but always showed up wrong, it’s ridiculous

  20. Sorry it didn’t work out well. But I am left here breathless on the floor lmao. The cat and dog comments . . hilarious. Whew, gotta catch my breath!

  21. I made a sale after a week or so and made $5, since then, nothing! I’ve had 1200 viewing and still only the 1 sale! I’ve noticed that when I put up new work I get viewings, but then things go quiet. I have also noticed that a lot of the viewings are by the same individuals, which makes me somewhat dubious about the site. Certainly not recommended. Go into search for a product, and there are thousands of items available, so the chance of selling is extremely limited.

  22. I had a premium FAA account and just yesterday i tried to login qnd it said that my account was closed and yo email them to re open it. I think im done with FAA, they are horrible. Any better suggestions ? Is Society6 pretty good ?

  23. Great video and thanks! I was thinking this morning I should try uploading more to fine art America. So you’re helping me not waste my time! As for your video 😅 this is just a suggestion, decrease the sound of your sound effects or increase the sound of your voice.. that first WTF cat scared the crap out of me while I was listening to your video driving to work 😂😂😂

  24. Here’s the thing, its very expensive advertising on google, red bubble is now charging a tax on standard members. The site does advertise a bit but you have to put in the work. You have to have good work that looks good on a print because that is mostly what they sell. What looks good on a pillow won’t on a print etc. You have to add keywords, descriptions etc, and then advertise it. You don’t have to pay to advertise, you do have to put work in. Everyone thinks the site should be doing all of that.

    Everyone thinks they will be an instant success, it takes a long time before you are noticed before selling any place. I’ve seen lots of people come and go from that site, all expecting success fast. But you will be up against people doing art for a long time. People that have a customer base or a consistent style. You can integrate your store into a normal webpage.

  25. I’ve been using FAA since 2009 as a fully paid member, and it’s worked out well for me. I make regular sales and a decent amount of money from them. Redbubble, which I think is the worst of the worst, is a different matter. FAA are quite upfront about the fact that you need to market your own work outside of FAA. That said I also make regular sales that have come into FAA via Google searches. I also have an artists website with them, which was simple enough to setup with my own IURL, so I’m not sure why you had issues.mThe fact is that many people come to FAA and expect to simply upload work and that is will sell. I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that and you need to put some effort in yourself to promote your own work outside of FAA. What you’re saying here pretty much typifies short-term joiners who get upset that their artwork isn’t selling – then you look at it and see that there’s no description or hardly any suitable keywords. YOU need to put the effort in, and keep at it, then you will make sales… and considerably better ones than you will with the likes of RB and S6.

  26. I like to tell all of you. Selling prints on products are very very expansive on FAA. I give you just one example. Shower Curtain is sold for £50 or $60 at FAA. That is very very expansive product price. How many people actually prepare to buy product at that price. And when I uploaded this product to my shopify store. Then price suddenly increased to £68 or $83.50. Who the hell is going to buy my product at this price? I asked FFA to reduce price between $20 and $30. But they say. Prices are set by them and can not be changed. I thought I would upload couple of products from there to my shopify website. But when I see the prices are sky rocketing. Then I think twice before add them to my shopify store. That is pricing nightmare.

  27. A very informative video and thank you. I’m glad I also did some research on FAA before shelling out $30. I’ve only got the basic membership at the moment with 22 pieces of artwork up, and even if I do a search on Fine Art America using the tags I’ve attached to my work, none of my stuff appears in the search. Even a Google search doesn’t bring it up, in fact, hardly anything from FAA appears on a Google search. I’ve also read that visitors to an artist’s page are usually other artists on FAA. It seems to be a monumental waste of time and effort. Reading other comments, I’m glad it’s not just me.

  28. I opened a redbubble store, spend about 10 hours finding my feet and uploading my poster designs, next morning got email saying i was suspended for spamming…SPAMMING WHO? my posters are my own art….not bothering with them again

  29. Man,the name says everything…Its for FINE ARTS not this " everything goes" we see in Redbubble etc.

  30. This seems to be out of date now. Fine Art America shows up on my Google searches in the #1 position when searching "fine art prints". If I search "aviation fine art prints" (my specialty) it shows up near the top with a thumbnail or two of my art. I have been selling my aviation art on FAA for a few years now and make about $2k – $3k per year without any advertising on my part other than a Facebook page.

  31. I am a watercolor artist. What website do you recommend so that I can sell my art? I could never get past the sign up page on FAA.

  32. We bought two of Ali Franco’s prints from Fine Art America. They have faded so much that they don’t even look like the same pieces. They have faded to pink. I reached out to the artist and no comment. So disappointing. We framed the prints at a very high price. Ugh!!!

  33. I read the contract today, and it seems THEY OWN the copyrights to one’s art. I want them to sell my art but NOT OWN IT–have I read that correctly.

  34. You’re so right so I had quit fineartamerica as well. Since I heard that art website are so overwhelmed with competition and a whole lot advertising plus many manufacturers have fired hoops you must jump
    through. It’s pointless 😢
    Well you’re so right and many others say stick to being independent and sells niche and not go on any others platform that won’t help you sell your merchandise. That’s cold and quite hurtful because I’ve been there! And you learn to be careful what is out there and do your research. Thanks again and continue to do what you do.

  35. Apart from time what have you to loose. 30 dollars a year isn’t exactly going to break the bank and you can always go for the free option. All these platforms are saturated so it is always hard to stand out from the crowd and get people to buy your work! I normally do my own prints but it is actually exhausting and expensive to produce high quality prints, between archival inks, archival paper, a professional printer that will print high quality A3 prints, ( and all printers were designed by the devil to chew up paper and continuously throw tantrums) mounts, board packing, cello bags and postage. It also requires a lot of space to store everything. I think it is a good idea to try a few different platforms and see what is best for you.

  36. $30 bucks for a year they don’t advertise your page that’s silly it’s a great price for a place where you do nothing except upload the art

  37. Maybe based on this critique, they now have a huge ad campaign going here on YT. That’s why I am now joining, because of their massive new publicity push. Their customer/tech support is not great, but they have a ton of articles now about how to work the site. A lot of people have jumped in to explain the process. If that was your doing, thank you!

  38. I paid $30 for premium and found what you found. I was not able to get started Or any instructions.

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