1. The day I will build a bike from scratch (I am in the old bike restoration business) , the last inspiration for my dream bike would be a chopper. A scratch build bike in my opinion should be better drivable than the bikes who are used as parts donors for my dream. And clearly outperform the donor bikes in aesthetics.

  2. Bike that have the front wheel out that far like in the thumbnail are so f’n ugly idgaf what anyone says it’s ugly as shit

  3. When you thought of choppers it used to mean bikes with front forks extended as far as possible stretch frame they didn’t call it a stretch chopper back then they just called it a chopper and not these bikes with the short front forks back in the day those would not have been considered as choppers it’s like I watched this one guy turn his fully dressed bike he said into a chopper and I thought to myself why would you do that why wouldn’t he just get a Sportster and do all that to it would have been a whole lot less parts to deal with but to me it look like a girl’s version of a Sportster when he was done with the short forks and not stretching the frame so it looked too short and compact to be a chopper and he put a long sissy bar in the back so with the short front end and the long sissy bar in the back it didn’t look right the sissy bar is being extended more than the front forks I really like the bikes that you guys make there awesome how I found your channel l was watching the other video of the guy l was talking about and it said a guy makes homemade chopper so I thought it was going to turn out something like what you guys make boy was I wrong LOL you guys actually making the choppers right extending those front end putting your own curves into them that’s what choppers are all about not throw a short front end on there and take a bunch of crap off the bike and put a long sissy bar on there and call it a chopper I don’t know what do you think on short front forks would you put a long sissy bar in the back and he doesn’t take those forks should be that long what is he talking about it’s beautiful that way I like it don’t chop it leave it that long I’m watching you guys as I’m writing this I hope you don’t chop that front end I like it that long and the video ended before you guys showed what you did with it okay another episode just came on hopefully it’s the continuation of what I just watched no don’t make that shorter it looks perfect like that got the funky flame going on in the front end doesn’t match that what it looks perfect that long and you guys are going to chop it aren’t you that sucks it’s perfect like that oh a standard front end no Springer was better that’s what gave it style that’s what made it unique now it’s like everyone else’s it would have been better if you left in forks long like they were especially the way you did the design cut out on that frame who cares it looks like Frankenstein it looked hella good maybe you could have called it the Frank-in-glide I was about to cry when you took that Springer front end off and you put the standards on like everybody else has don’t you want people to look at your bikes and go yeah that’s awesome and not that’s cool it looks like every other bike choppers weren’t meant to be aerodynamic and streamline and all that crap they were meant to be head turning jaw-dropping and unique I bet you take off that standard front end and put that Springer front end back on that bike and took it anywhere like a show or where there’s a crowd of people they would love it because I thought it was awesome now it’s just standard unique gets more noticed in standard put the springer forks back on and just try it I bet you would get more of a reaction than you would with those standard forks just saying like I said when I saw it with the Springer long forks I was like yeah that’s freaking awesome then that one guy always it’s too long and I was like please don’t change it and you guys changed it you was perfect like it was now it’s like everybody else’s bike that Springer front end made all the difference in the world it looked mean compared to that Springer extended front end now it looks like you cut its balls off LOL doesn’t look as mean after you show off the bike go back to the shop put that Springer front end back on then take it out I bet you get more head turns more reaction than you did with that standard front end help it it l kind of got a little upset when you guys took off the extended Springer front end LOL now if it made me feel like that think of what everybody else is going to think if they saw it with that Springer front end please put that Springer front end back on that guy coming in saying oh it’s too long he just killed it drove it right into the ground by saying that he should be smacked upside the back of the head for saying that LOL because it made the rest you guys start worrying that maybe it’s too long all that custom work on that frame that Springer extended front end enhanced all that work on that frame and then you take it off and put a standard front end on it and it went from wicked mean to yeah that’s cool I hope you guys read this message and put that Springer front end back on that bike the guy that extended that Springer front end and bent it he did a real good job on it but then everybody made him feel like he didn’t to the guy that did that that was awesome don’t let people talk you out of your awesomeness serious that Springer front end that was the work of art it was beautiful well if you can tell by my message and how long it is that l didn’t like the springer forks coming off or the guy that said there too long LOL next time go send him to get parts or something LOL

  4. Get back to where you came from!… If I spend my money on a bike it will be built to what I want not what you think is cool!

  5. I thought the sagger front end was best . I remember the broadcast , he decided the world wasnt ready for it. Man, i loved it.

  6. Nowadays Joe Martin & his wife Amanda do more cars & trucks dn in Austin.I never cared for that style bike but I love them as car builders.The Aussie team can do more w/ nothing.Beautiful craftsmanship & Russ is a character a little rough around the edges but funny & I like his style w/ fat tire minimalist.

  7. I used to watch this show when it first came out. I remember the Billy Idol looking guy, don’t remember the Australians, but I never realized the guy from Iron Resurrection was on here.

  8. Man, you got a sagging frame that drags your ass , dont listen to that dude . Thumbs down for being scared of the 3rd best front end i’ve seen.

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  10. Um. Jesse James is the only one I consider talented enough to rep the USA. BUT this once mediocre country is now almost complete shit so… almost irrelevant at this point

  11. What do you do with it, you ask… Well, you walk by it as you stroll thru the shop, pause momentarily, gaze at it while thinking to yourself…. I am truly thankful I couldn’t afford one of these when it was originally built, but hey It’s one of a kind!! And that’s basically what they had everyone sold on, definitely not performance. Funny thing is I was able to get damn near the same sound and effect out of an old Honda V twin Shadow 500 I was chopping up. I set it down low, raked the front, put shiny chrome strait pipes and kept the rest all ratty like. It looked and sounded mean!….But it was still just a little old Honda Shadow, Unless your scared of SHADOWS…

  12. The one i think is the best bike ever was the SPIRIT BIKE. OMG THE COOLES BIKE EVER. Make you feel like a Indian riding a steel horse! It was a buffalo metal head with horns and Indian chief head dress on down into a chopper COOLEST EVER I SEEN

  13. I’m English, so I wanted to know where the u.k. team is. This is more like u.s.a. ×2 Vs Australia.

  14. They’re all excellent bikes in their own way done with their bare hands just old-fashioned hard work and it paid off

  15. Exile still to this day have the most recognizable style, not to mention i’ll bet the most miles ridden bikes built

  16. I swear Russell builds the ugliest fuckn simple bikes ever idk how tf Russell even got an invitation for this build off when his bike 🏍 was a piece of simple shit wtf Russell rubbah yo bikes lmao 🤣 😂

  17. Year later and this video still blows me away.. Welding and sanding aluminum without a mask.. christ..

  18. Joes bikes are ugly. Sorry goood builder. Just not comfortable looking and Not very cool looking in my opinion

  19. Russell’s Bike looks like a SCHWINN BICYCLE with a Motor but the SCHWINN has more CLASS….. Russell’s has Class to Bad it’s 3rd CLASS…

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